About Rightsoft Labs

Established in 2020 in Cyprus, Rightsoft Labs is a product of game industry veterans who spent years crafting session-based PC games on the CryEngine and Unreal Engine platforms. With a wealth of experience in hand, we've chosen to transition our expertise to the realm of mobile and handheld console development. Our pivotal endeavor in this new direction is the captivating "Mech vs Aliens"

Mech vs Aliens Overview:
Dive into the role of a distinguished commander, overseeing a vital outpost on the very edges of the cosmic frontier. Rally a formidable team of mechanized warriors, engage skilled pilots, harness the wealth of unique resources, and fortify your stronghold. A mysterious foe lies in wait, and your prowess will be tested against both them and other ambitious players.

The story takes root on Zagon, a planet abundant in coveted resources and echoes of an ancient civilisation. But tread carefully: Zagon's nature is wild and dangerous, its creatures fiercely aggressive. Amidst this savage landscape, powerful factions vie for control, their ambitions inflamed by the discovery and possession of ancient artifacts, relics believed to hold unparalleled power. Secure your position, align with loyal allies, and confront the alien menace. On Zagon, only those with resolve and strategy truly prevail.