Mech vs Aliens

Mech vs Aliens is a multi-platform top-down shooter. The game’s plot is a Visual Novel (VN). The game world is created in the sci-fi genre. Humanity, represented by the main characters and other colonists, faces alien life forms on one of the exoplanets outside the habitable space.

Frank and Mira are retired soldiers who decided to settle on one of the new frontier’s agricultural planets. But their right for a peaceful life has yet to be earned.

Different types of robots, a large selection of weapons, various enemies, and types of missions. Collect resources and upgrade your equipment—since the further you get away from the residential areas, the more dangerous your enemies become.

The game was developed by a small team of professionals from the independent RightSoft Labs studio. We have many years of experience in PC development, which we are going to put to good use while working on projects for mobile platforms, as well as on our mid-core projects.